Our Vision and Mission

BEN (Baltic Ecovillage Network) is an association of ecovillage national networks promoting environmental protection and restoration of nature through education, social methods and technical solutions, youth work, culture, intercultural understanding between people and environmental protection. This purpose will be implemented by means of coordination of activities of networks of ecovillages around the world (with a special focus on the countries of the Baltic Sea drainage basin). The Association operates as central coordinating headquarters for information exchange and other international initiatives of many kinds – including conferences, meetings, educational programmes, fundraising and allocation of funds, formulation of principles and guidelines for ecovillages.

The Vision of the Association is to work through ecovillages in order to integrate human activities and the use of environmentally-friendly lifestyle to promote sustainability and the holistic development of human society.

The Mission of the Association as part of the Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) is to network in Baltic Sea Region, to carry out outreach for societal transition and support socio-cultural, economical and ecological sustainability.