FoodDiversity - New pre-study on food and biodiversity in BSR

The project REALS, hosted by Permaculture Sweden, has now been ongoing for more than 2 years. And one fruit that the project bears is a new prestudy - FoodIDiversity- which focus on the benefits of integrating food production and biodiversity.

The pre-study, which is financed by the Swedish Institute, includes seven partners from Sweden, Poland, Estonia, Russia and Belarus and aim for a submitted application within Horizon 2020 workprogramme 2016-2017.


The Baltic Sea Region based FoodIDiversity  had an energetic start at its Kickoff meeting held last August on the beautiful grounds of Sambruket in Sösdalabygden in Skåne, Sweden. The next international meeting takes place in Estonia the 23-25th of November 2015.


For further questions and information about the project, please contact the project coordinator emilia.rekestad(at)


Also see this link for more information: